The team competition is in full swing!

This third competition day of the French youth open 2019 gave way to the cadet’s and junior’s team tournament (seeding ?). At the end of the qualifying group and the ¼ final, 4 French teams among the 11 present in the competition are still competing in the semi-final line-up.

Overall, the French teams have kept their motivation and their good game to offer themselves a place in the semi final line-up.

Therefore, we will find tomorrow in the semi final at 2:10 pm:

-Girls Cadet Team: FRANCE 1-ROUMANIE
-Boys Cadet Team: FRANCE 1-POLOGNE
-Girls Junior Team: FRANCE 1-ROU/USA
- Boys Junior Team: FRANCE 1-POLOGNE

In the same time the cadets will start the competition with the single and double match

Saturday’s program

  • 09 :30am : beginning of the single cadet’s seeding
  • 02 :10pm: semi-final team
  • 04 :45pm : 16èmes de finales simples et doubles cadettes-cadets /single and double cadet’s  16th round
  • 08 :00pm : Team final
  • 10 :00pm : Awards ceremony

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